POTC - NH New Pirate Age Update

The "New Pirate Age" update project is an "Obenworld" storyline project
where you can play with any character in the game. The project is about the new Piratenkönig.
Choose your pirate character to put your crew together and become the most powerful Pirate King of the Caribbean Sea.

The Story of the New Pirate Age
After the pirate king "Cold Roger" was executed in Cartagena on New Greanda by the navy, the new pirate age began.
From then on, every pirate knew that it was the only time to become the new Pirate King.
Thus began the great pirate hunt, everyone wanted to be the most powerful Pirate King in the Caribbean Sea.

Whats new:
3 New Playabel Character
ather New NPC Characters
New Ships
New Weapons
New Quest Item

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