Pirates of The Caribbean

Is a Single-player Action role-playing from Akella

Product description
This is complete with box, case, manual, and cds. This is cleaned and tested.

From the Manufacturer
Designed as a thrilling blend of role-playing and action Pirates of the Caribbean takes place in a large group of
Caribbean islands during the golden age of piracy and high seas adventure. You will take command of a
ship and its crew, swordfight with other captains, accept and complete daring quests, chase rumors of
dangers and riches, and change allegiances amongst the colonial powers in the game. Through skill and daring,
you will have the ability to obtain more power than the toughest captains in history ever dreamed possible.

You will be able to customize your captain, crew, skills, and attributes to their individual liking. During shore leave
on the many fanciful islands, players can interact with townspeople and shopkeepers to replenish stores
of ammo and crew, and explore the wilderness in search of adventure and treasure!

A party-based system on land and at sea allows you to hire friendly captains to form small fleets of ships for trade
or battle, and your own band of adventurers when on land. Ultimately, you will be able to control your
destiny by following the game story or sailing off in a search of pirate loot.
Pirates of the Caribbean features advanced AI, incredibly detailed characters and vessels, breath taking views at
sea, and lush, exotic environments. Enhancing the game's realism, wind and water conditions will affect how
ships sail and fight. Day and night lighting and jaw-dropping water effects make the game come alive.

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