Might & Magic Heroes 7

It is a Turn-based strategy game from Ubisoft

Might & Magic® Heroes® VII is the triumphant return and re-launch of the essence of the round-based game.
Settled in a fantasy universe with rolling elements and captivating history, the player enters a journey that he will
never forget!

In Heroes VII, the story of the Civil War, which led to a change of the ruling dynasty in the Holy Empire. After the
assassination of the Imperator, the throne is orphaned, a kingdom is in flames, and too many greedy rivals have
acted to claim it for themselves. Duke Ivan brings together a highly regarded committee of six trustworthy
advisors in search of a viable way to end this succession of succession.

Main features:
* Experience the "best-of" -heroes. The game belongs to one of the Best-rated round-based strategic game series at all. Here you can see the authenticity of the classic Might & Magic Heroes with modern graphics and game mechanics.
* Take control of 6 unique factions, each with their own iconic creatures, charismatic heroes, and dazzling environments. Rely on your strategic expertise while you The way to the throne!
* Explore a magical one in the truest sense of the word World. Thanks to the Unreal 3.0 engine was the world of M & M: Heroes VII has never been so detailed and accessible. Due to the changing weather conditions and the Dynamic light effects, magic becomes truly alive.
* It's only when you say it's over! About 60 Hour gameplay in the extensive Solokampagne with virtually endless playability in the skirmish and duel modes. The highly praised Hotseat-Multiplayer-Mode must not be missing and the LAN battles celebrate their return.
* Give you hearing! For the first time the players have the power. Sign up on the Shadowrat website and take part in the Game development. True to important features, chats With the developers, comments, shares with you and exerts influence! Each step in this way promises a reward. Make Heroes VII the gambling experience you deserve!

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